01 May 2015

PFYTF: The Escape Route

I'm back with another edition of PFYTF!

Hi, I'm an introvert.

This means that though I have tried, I have not yet turned into an extrovert. The serum is not yet completed.....

My dad is an introvert too. He hates crowds, avoids people as much as possible, and, as I recently discovered,

Always looks for an escape route.

 I find this most hysterical because, now that it's spoken out loud, I realize that is precisely what I do. Whenever I'm in a room with a large group of people (particularly a large group of people I don't/hardly know), I take up the time that I'm awkwardly sitting in the corner trying not to be awkward by plotting out the exact way I shall exit.

It's especially amusing (and frightening all at once) when the room is a small one and there's only one door.

I'm gonna do a disclaimer here though.

I like people. I really do. Why else would I be a writer? People are fascinating.

And despite all appearances, I do enjoy social interactions, especially conversation.

I just have a mental block when it comes to starting one up because I'm painfully shy (it's actually quite literally painful, people).

But there is this innate instinct within me that goes,

"If I need to bolt, what's my best route here? I need to avoid as many people as possible but yet it also needs to be the quickest route I can manage."
Introverts are interesting people, I promise. We just desperately need extroverts to help us along the way. 


  1. Aww;) this is so cute!! I love getting peeks into how introverts work because I'm *cough* really not one. This is awesome, Hannah ;)

    1. Haha, thank you, Chloe! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

      You know, you should write a post about extroverts because when it comes to extroverts I'm clueless. ;-)

      And yeah, I was pretty happy with the gif. XD

  2. But but really, excape routes are my first priority. Like at that wedding, I found a seat conveniently near a door, and I escaped frequently to stop myself from freaking out because PEOPLE.

    Heehehe, your dad sounds awesome.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! XD Heehee!


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