15 May 2015

PFYTF: Saying Goodbye

Have you ever thought about how saying goodbye most of the time means saying hello?

Tomorrow I shall say goodbye to the bursting aspens of my hometown...and say hello to the rugged, wild, and lovely fields of camp. I shall say goodbye to my family, and hello to my other family.

Now goodbye itself comes from the phrase, "God be with you." I like that. I like closing my eyes and running that around in my head.

"God be with you."

It almost makes you want to say "Amen" every time someone bids you goodbye.

"God be with you."

"So be it."

It gives me something to snicker about when words are thrown around. After all, everyone says "goodbye", and it is like they are unconsciously blessing you. It's quite nice, isn't it?

So, dear aspen tree, God be with you. Dear family, God be with you.

And hello, amazing adventure that awaits.

I'm stoked. And don't worry, the blog comes with me.

(Dude, that was hysterical, because I was just imagining like a kidnapping that happens....like the guy is sitting in an empty coffee shop on his laptop, typing away peacefully when suddenly a man in black arrives and points a gun at him and says, "Try to escape and I will blow your brains out. Stand up slowly and walk in front of me to my car." Laptop Man sighs, snaps his computer shut, and says, "The blog comes with me." Did that just completely ruin the mood of this post? Good, because it was too serious.)

(Another thing I was thinking about was how clapping can be either a congratulatory thing or it could be you high-fiving yourself. Just something to ponder.)


  1. Ha! Laptop Guy sounds a lot like myself....I would rather chew off my own fingers than be without my blog. (But I suppose that if I had no fingers I couldn't blog, right?).
    By the way, I'm new to your blog. What does PFYTF mean?

    1. Hey Cindy! Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere! Glad you're here. :-) That's hysterical! I love it. But even if you didn't have fingers, you could probably blog. You might have to use your nose, though. ;-)

      PFYTF stands for Penny For Your Thoughts Friday--so every Friday I write a random post about whatever it is that I have been pondering lately. :-)

  2. xDDD Laptop Guy sounds hysterical :) Have fun at camp! It sounds great...and you're blessing the aspen tree? I'm sure it'll appreciate it :)

    1. He is. And he's not even real. XD Oh yes, camp is amazing. :-) And why not? The aspen tree blesses me daily. :-) So yup. XDDDD *does weird things so everyone thinks I'm crazy*

      *oh wait I sort of am crazy*


      Thanks for the comment, Autumn! Always love hearing from you!


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