29 April 2015

A Life Post

I almost feel the need to apologize for a post like this. People are all like, "Pfffft you think your life is so important you dork." Well, two disclaimers. 1) It is my blog and you're the one who's here reading it, so if you don't want to read it you really don't have to, and 2) I don't actually think my life is important, but sometimes you just gotta...like say stuff that is sort of meaningless but also sort of important to you. Maybe. XD

Enough disclaimers. If you're still here, hey-o!

I'm gonna do a Currently.... type post. I think I've seen them on blogs but you never know, I might have made it up. ;-) This might be recurring or might not. *shrugs* It's alright.

So, currently....


The Molehill Vol. 3 published by Rabbit Room Press. It's amazing, guys. It's so good. It's a collection of short stories, poetry, essays, art, and recipes by a collaboration of excellent authors/artists/chefs. It's been, like, EXACTLY what I've needed to read lately, especially all the thoughts on writing.

From "Something New" by Jen Rose Yokel and illustrated by Jonny Jimison

Listening to...

Other than customers ordering ice cream?

I kid, I kid. I'm currently quite obsessed (and I shall accredit this obsession to Jordy, since she was the one who introduced them to me) with Sleeping At Last's album, Atlas: Year One. The whole album (or collection of EPs as it happens) is simply excellent.

If you're still not convinced...

Maybe your light is the seed
And the darkness the dirt
In spite of the uneven odds
Beauty lifts from the earth
You're much to young now
So I write these words down
'Darkness exists to make light truly count.'
-From "Uneven Odds"
Not as much as I should be. I'm trying to plug away at my Camp NaNo Steampunk book (though I'm failing miserably at meeting my word count goal), and it's actually going well. It doesn't look like it, because stats are stats. My word count is not high right now, but the story is really unfolding and the characters are amazing and I'm actually loving my MC, who I thought I would hate. So, exciting, but a lot of work. *grins weakly*
You got that right.

Welp, my Bible Study at church just finished going through the life of Moses, which was intriguing, even if I came near the end of the study (I've only been going for a few weeks). It's so amazing to get together with a group of passionate young people and discuss the Bible, especially 'cause they're all so much smarter than I am and have such epic things to say. One thing that's been sticking to my mind is the unchangingness (I realize it's not a word) of God. He is the same God in the Old Testament as He is in the New. And He is good and just and loving and agh it just blows my mind, always.
One of my favorite verses that we were recently looking into is Deuteronomy 33:29:
Happy are you, O Israel! Who is like you,
a people saved by the Lord,
the shield of your help,
and the sword of your triumph!
Your enemies shall come fawning to you,
and you shall tread upon their backs.
Praise God that He is not only our shield but our sword. Wow, that's just so incredible.
What are your "Currentlys"?
Adios for now. 



    HAR, A+ gif usage when it comes to insulting guests directly. I KNOW THE FEEL.

    I should listen to the song. I'm not gonna, but I should*
    *I'm currently too busy to youtube


    HA studying is not my most favoritest of pastimes. ... HEY WHERE IS THE PIZZA VLOG, GIRL?

    1. Truly. It's always good to finish LOTR. XD

      I know. I was like, this gif is perfection. XD I love Bernard.

      You really should. At some point. In fact, aren't you into Teen Wolf? I think there's a Teen Wolf fan vid of it. I haven't watched it because I don't know Teen Wolf but my Youtube seems to think I should. XD REASONS FOR YOU TO WASTE TIME ON YOUTUBE YEAH WOO.

      Because it's haaaaaaaaaaaard *whines*

      Studying with awesome people my age is awesomesaucetastic. I really enjoy it. It's harder to study on my own, but when you get into a room with amazing people with amazing thoughts it just........works, man. XD

      PIZZA VLOG. I keep forgetting. *wipes brow* It's all filmed, but not edited. :-P So much worky.

  2. Reading... Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Rose--basically her experiences as a missionary and being in a Japanese prison camp during WWII.

    Listening to... nothing, actually. XD Pretty much all I hear is either your music or Joshua's.

    Writing... I actually wrote in my book today. 600 words. Gold stars for me.

    Studying... lots of Bible stuff for my camp application that has impacted me. Being reminded that Jesus is everything I need in life and godliness.

    Thank you for the Bernard gif. :-)

    1. Fun shtuff.

      I did hear you singing "Neptune" the other day and I was happy. XD Though you may be just annoyed at it because it's stuck in your head or something. XD

      *throws gold stars and chocolate and confetti because you are amazing* I haven't written that many words in like two weeks.

      Bernard. XDDD I knew you would like it.

  3. Wanting: THAT STINKIN BOOK.

    Also Wanting: To start writing this other book idea that I've half come up with. XD

    Loving: Bernard

    Crying: Always

    Just Kidding: Yes.


    1. Also I'm laughing because it says down below this that you'll do your best to answer comments, but we all know that you'll answer every comment because that's what people do.

    2. Right, but if I ever have like an atom bomb that hits my house and I don't fully die but my evil alter ego writes a bunch of blog posts that I can't catch up on when my good side retakes control of my body--if that all happens, then I will have that disclaimer there.

      All of the Molehills are amazing. SO MUCH GOODNESS. It's just oozing with inspiration for who we are as writers.

      New book idea? TELL ME MORE.

      Bernard. XD I always loved the real Bernard.

      And yeah you are always crying. I know this already. XD

  4. Currently:

    Reading...I FINISHED ALL THE BOOKS I WAS READING SO I'M NOT READING ANY AWESOME BOOKS. *cries forever* Also it just reminded I forgot to read your book. XDDDDd what.

    Listening to... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a4oSyErM4A&feature=youtu.be I just found this video on facebook and decided to listen. XDD

    Writing... blog posts and Broken Warrior.

    Studying... nothing, really. XDD

    Feeling... a little tired, a little sick, and a little at peace. I kinda feel like I want to sing and I kind of feel like I want to die and I kind of feel like I want to read. (but I CAN'T READ BECAUSE NO AWESOME BOOKS but I'm going to read Showdown by Ted Dekker to see if it's any good. Sarah had it in her room and I stole it. so I will read it)

    Also all your comments are awesome and I love that Treskie comments because her comments are so interesting. XD

    1. SADNESS. Go find an awesome book to read. XD Mine is not that awesome so a real awesome one like..... *thinks* The Prydain Chronicles.

      We just moved all sorts of stuff for the Clarkson family because they're painting one of their rooms. They're awesome. XD


      Wow so many feelings. O.O

      I know, Treskie's comments are amazing. XDDD SHE BE THE COMMENT QUEEN.


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