01 February 2016

Step by Step (Plus Announcement!)

Image by Paul Boekell here
I’m not ready.
I have said this before, many times,
And each time it has rung true.
I’m scared—terrified, really,
Of all the things that I could do wrong,
And all the things that might go right.
There is always danger in these quests,
Always battles with monsters, always full of the unexpected.
I do not know the way.
I have never known the way but for the voice behind me that says,
This is the way, walk in it.
Step by step by step.
Hero? Not I. I am but a traveler, a sojourner in an unfamiliar land,
Seeking to use these calloused, bruised, filthy hands to do the work of the Kingdom.
I am not worthy. I never have been.
How could I, one of unclean lips and sinful form,
How could I ever be considered worthy of looking upward in hope,
Hope in the return of the King whom I betrayed, yet even so who ransomed me?
Here am I, Lord, a sinner.
Here am I, Lord, for nothing I had before, no chains or death or sorrow, can compare to the surpassing glory of your face before me.
Here am I. Send me out to do your will in all the world,
To step forward in faith, not seeing yet believing,
Not seeing yet believing.
For you are of more worth than the wealth of the entire world,
You are a treasure beyond compare.
You are my Beloved, the only one that my soul longs for like a deer panting for water—
Yes, you are even water to my thirsty soul.
I am not ready for this new step, this new part of the trail,
These rocks and insurmountable peaks.
But though I am weak, you are strong.
Though I am unready, you are the Captain of my soul, and you will not leave me to flounder in the ocean lost and alone.
And so I step forward again.
In the morning I awake with the knowledge that every day is of great worth,
Because I am drawing closer to my God.
I take on each new piece of the quest in fervent hope,
Knowing that there is already victory in the hand of my Savior.
And so I go, though I am unready, though I know not the way,
For He who goes before me has overcome the world. 



Hello lovely readers! So I have some exciting news (for me) that might not be exciting (for you) or may be really exciting (for you) I don't know. Basically, I have been accepted to a 12-week long discipleship training school where I basically get to go and learn about God and fellowship with believers. What this means is that in a few days I am LEAVING for said 12-weeks and will not be able to post on my blog for that amount of time! *gasp of shock and relief from everyone* This may also mean that I have less or no time to read/comment on YOUR lovely posts (which makes me all of the sads), but know that it is not because I don't love you all, it is because I am super busy. So yeah. Miles in the Rain will be silent for a while, but I'm sure I'll come back in May armed with tons of poetry. I hope you guys have a fabulous time and I WILL BE BACK. 

Thank you for reading! I will miss you! :-)