24 April 2015


Introducing....Penny For Your Thoughts Friday!

And of course you haven't met before because this is a brand new blog. ;-)

ANYWAY! Every Friday I plan (look at me, I already have the starts of a blog schedule. Applaud me) to have a sometimes-quick, sometimes-longwinded THOUGHT that I have either been thinking about all week or just popped into my head.

My brain is a dangerous place, but don't be too scared.

At least you don't have to live with it.

Anyway. These will actually be really random and unexpected (there will probably be some sentimental ones and some crazy ones and some funny ones, for example) but they will give me a chance to spill my crazy whacko ideas with you and give you the chance to....uh, ya know, I don't know what you'll do. So whatever it is, it will surprise me.

I've rambled enough about this idea and I haven't even given credit. It was originally Jess who had the idea. So you can applaud her. *applauds her*

Without further ado, Penny For Your Thoughts Friday, April 24th Edition.

(And as soon as I say that, all interesting thoughts fly from my head and I am stuck staring at the drawing [in permanent marker no less] on the table here that depicts a headless boy with a tie and wiggly legs. My sister is weird.)

Alright, I got it.

Earlier I was watching the deer outside my window. We have like a bazillion deer that just wander around the streets, begging to be hit by cars and eating my mom's flowers. Anyway, this one deer was walking by leisurely, and I noticed that it just looked...painful.

Have you ever seen a deer walk? And just focused on its back hip joint?

It looks like it pops every time they step, which makes them look like they have a constant limp. The deer itself does not seem to mind, and it looked, indeed, quite contented.

And I know it wasn't just this one deer, because I made a point to watch the next deer that walked by like two seconds later (because we literally have a whole herd of deer around here. I say we need more mountain lions to eat some of the population away), and it did the SAME THING.

And if you don't believe me, watch a deer walking next time you see one. 

I walked back to my life in a bit of a daze.


  1. We don't see enough deer here for me to observe and judge their hip joints. (When we see deer, it's usually on the way down to Carson, and they're far away on the mountain and we're just like "DEER!" and then they're gone.) But I will take your word for it and silently judge them without seeing the, because I'm a judgy person, and I judge things.

    I like PFYTF because random stuff is fun/ I'm the queen of randomness soooooo.

    Tell Jess good job for the idea.

    *knuckle bumps and disappears.*

    1. Wow. I find it weird when people DON'T see deer. Since I see them like every day in large quantities. Yeah, you do that and judge them.

      I'm glad you like it. Random stuff IS fun. XD And if you want, you can join me and write a PFYT in the comments (or heck, on your blog, I don't care) since you are the queen of randomness after all.

      I told her. She said, "Oh. Tff. Okay."

      *knuckle bump* Badaladaladala

  2. Deer are so beautiful, it's a shame we don't get to see many of them here in the city! I actually have noticed the way they walk though...it's definitely very interesting. And btw I love this idea of a series, I'm looking forward for more to come! "My brain is a dangerous place, but don't be too scared. At least you don't have to live with it." Hahah that was so funny! :P

    xo, Emily

    1. I think that I'm spoiled and don't think about the beauty of deer since I see them so often--so maybe it's not too much of a shame that you don't get to see many, because then they are special! I'm glad someone else has noticed the weirdness of how they walk.

      I'm glad you like the idea for the series!

      Thanks for the comment and for the amazing blog design!

  3. Bahaha mountain lions..... Super awesome and I shall watch a deer for sure next time

    1. XD I know, right. It is the weirdest thing to watch for. XD


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