23 April 2015

Hullo, Hullo


*awkward silence*

Ah, thanks, Gwaine.
Welcome to Miles in the Rain, which as you probably noticed is the title of my blog. I could tell you something sentimental and deep about the title of my blog, something like life is like walking through miles of rain and mud and mess, but in reality, I got the idea from the lyrics of a song. The song is "Caught Me By Surprise" by Colony House (look at me! A gif and a hyperlink all in my very first post!) which is my all-time favorite band. Check 'em out.
*takes deep breath* Sorry. You'll find that I ramble. Anyway, I'm an eighteen year old, recently graduated homeschooler with a love for God, writing, and many other things.
Anyway, I hope to get to know you.
These intro posts are harder than you'd think, really.
So bye for now! Hope to see you very soon. :-)
~Hannah Joy~


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    Look at you all fabulous and blogging. Niiice gif... *goes to check out song* (I didn't even know gifs existed when I started my blog)

    1. HAIIIIIIIIIIII TRESKIE! :-D Not as fabulous and blogging as you. :-) Gwaine is always a good person to have a gif of when you need to break the ice. ;-)

      And yesss! Check out the song. Because. Colony House, baby.


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