26 April 2015

Miles in the Rain: a Poem

rainy day ❤️StudiĆ³ Parrucchieri Lory (Join us on our Facebook Page)  Via Cinzano 10, Torino, Italy.
I didn't have the chance to get my own picture before the rain stopped (and it wouldn't have been nearly as lovely), so this one is from Pinterest)

I could walk for miles in rain like this

The constant sprinkle that paints the world green

It’s cold, but it’s a good sort

The kind of icy depth in which you know there is growth.

And I, like a poet, cannot help but rhyme the world

Place it in cadence with the presence of God

I cannot splash in puddles

For my shoes must be dry today

But perhaps on the way home, that will change,

And I shall jump in so deep that the ankles of my jeans

Will be wet with this funny sort of redemption.

I glance down now and see my image,

Distorted in the murky depths of gathered raindrops,

And I wonder—

Could I walk for miles in spiritual rain like this?

The constant aching that puts a dark cloud over me?

Do I have the courage to say that this chill of disappointment

Has an outpouring of grace and growth

That, though hard to see is also hard won?

How can I see God in the mist that hangs low over the hills,

Yet I am blind to Him in the veil that I grapple with

Whilst in the heart of my journey Home?

Why so afraid to slog through the soul-mud that weighs me down,

Yet so willing to dig hands down into this wet, black earth after the storm?

For there is a storm in my spirit, where flashes of pain are followed by

The thunderous silence of God, when I feel I need Him most.

And every disappointment is a gust of wind,

With me too weak to stand up against it.

It pushes me in all the wrong places, and it beats at my soul,

And when I look in puddles I see only everything I don’t want to be.


Could it be?

Could I walk for miles in rain like this?

The word on my lips is the negative, yet—

I have. And I look back over the space traveled—

Hard to see, but not invisible through the fog,


So I can walk for miles more.

And I shall dig my hands down into the mud,

And when I draw them up they shall hold joy.

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  1. This is... brilliant.

    I understood all the references and I loved it.

    1. Thaaaanks. And thanks for commenting. ;-) <3 Maybe you understood more references than me because on reread I couldn't see any specific references other than the obvious Colony House ones. XD Or are you talking about references to what we've been talking about lately?

  2. Cannot help but rhyme the world.

    WAHAHHAHHAT. ♥ You mystify me.


    1. Thanks.

      *sings "Call 1-555-MYSTICO and you're sure to be amazed!"* XD <3 Thanks for the comment and for reading and enjoying. And for, you know, being aaaaamazing.

  3. holy crap girl. Your poetry is so much better than mine! It's perty. you should write a whole book "A collection of Poetry" It would be cool and fun. you are very good at it. I love the image of the Spiritual Rain. It makes you feel like you should be a better person, doesn't it?

    1. Pfft, no! I can't rhyme to save my life for the most part (it always sounds so cheesy!). I love your poem AND it was just your first one so you're going to be incredible as you keep writing. Anyway, thanks for the compliment! :-) I'm glad you liked it and the imagery--and I think most things make me feel like I should be a better person. ;-) But yeah, rain is amazing and spiritual rain is hard but fulfilling.


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