10 August 2016

In Which I Participate in Something Awesome

What better way to start off the Writer's Camp than with a picture of my messy desk? ;-P
Sooooo! I am participating in a lovely Writer's Camp with the even lovelier Bella! Go check her blog out because she's awesome and also if you want to join up with this epic writer's camp to spike your creative juices, you can find out how on her blog (and also bonus: see all of the other participants!). I know I need some help with mine. :-) Though I wish that Writer's Camp magically gave me more time to write, because that's what I really need.... ah well.

Day 1 of said Writer's Camp is introducing....me!


So I am a writer. Sort of. I try. I mean, I like writing. I write books. But sometimes it's just like I totally thought I was a writer why do I never write????? I love to write all sorts of books, but I mainly write I guess what you'd call Realistic Fantasy....like, it's set in my fabulous made up world (which has all these countries so the possibilities for plots are endlessssss), but I generally don't do much magic or mythical creatures, which I guess is what most people think of when they think fantasy. Not that I don't like those things. I just don't ever think up stories with them. So yeah. Realistic Fantasy is my general genre, with lots of adventure, hopefully some intrigue, and hopefully some other awesome stuff involved. 

And I'm writing a Steampunk one. Don't ask me how that happened, I still don't know. 

So those are my genres. But I feel like that doesn't really describe my books very much. Because dude my real passion is writing books that shamelessly proclaim God and the gospel in any way possible. I have learned, through much writing and much growing in my non-writing life that there is one important thing in my life and that is my Lord and Savior. Now--I'm not perfect at this. It's still something I'm growing in. When I first started writing, I was like, I can't write about God. Two reasons: first of all, it would be preachy and second of all, how can I ever describe, well, God??? So I didn't. I just wrote books with good themes and hoped that would be enough. 

And then basically God happened. In my life. And so all the sudden I couldn't write without writing about God anymore. It just comes. I think that's what happens when you run after Jesus--everything you do starts to reflect that. So. I have a huge passion for bringing stories that proclaim Christ with boldness back into the world. 

So yeah. That's enough about me. Hope you are as excited as I am for this Writer's Camp stuff. It's gonna be a blast.   :-D 


  1. *calmly ignores the bruins jacket*

    I have no idea what this Writer Camp is, but I shall look into it now. XDD I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING AND OUR GOD. *screams*


    1. Dat is a beanie. Not a jacket. Bruinssssssssss.

      And yasss you shouldddd. It's awesomesaucetastic. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING AND OUR GOD TOOOOOOOOO.


    "And so all the sudden I couldn't write without writing about God anymore. It just comes." <<< I LEGIT DID AN AIR-PUNCH AT THIS PART. Because bro...this is exactly how it is with my writing. Like even for stories that don't seem like they could carry over a deeper message: the gospel weaves itself inside and I'm just like WOOOO WHAAAAT?? DID I JUST THINK OF THAT? NOPE I THINK MY DADDY DID <3333333

    this is so exciting

    1. YAYYYYY! XD You are so awesome. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu! <3 <3 <3

      AND YASS I AM SO GLAD YOU GET IT. It's just like *type type type* hey look this is actually amazingly deep. XDD I love it. God is so good with that. It just goes to show that all the stories and all the words I have are instilled by Him and without Him I would be nothing at all.

      Thanks for the epic comment! <3

  3. .....I'm currently...messed up there. I'm finally writing a realistic story. (Sort of. It's still REALLY not but - it's close enough that Christianity exists for once at least. Usually Earth doesn't exist) And so finally running into a situation where God should fit.

    But he can't fit. Or I can't fit. And I want to scrap the whole thing but...can't do that either. Because it's not right. Everything else I write about in that story is true - I have to write about God as well.


    Pleasure to meet you!

    1. Angelique! Thanks for the comment and it's nice to meet you too!

      You know, it's odd how it all works. For me, it seemed for the longest time that God just did NOT fit in my books. And that actually reflected my spiritual life at the time--I had compartments. This is a God-section of life, this is not. Writing was one of those "not" sections for a while for me until God took it over.

      So my advice is, pray about it. Don't feel embarrassed to pray about your books. Haha, I pray about plot holes. XD God cares about these things. The more you saturate yourself in God, the more He's just going to show up in your writing. At least, that's my experience.

      If you ever want to chat about it, drop me an email. :-) I'd love to hear from you.

      Thank you so much for the comment!

    2. De rien! 'Twas the least I could do after reading your post.

      ......right now my whole life is a mess and I'm having trouble just praying. I think the state of my soul and mind is a bit more important to be praying about than a book that probably won't be read by much other people either. And God SHOULD fit, but he doesn't fit in ME so I'm having trouble writing him into stories because....I don't know him. I write what I know and I've found increasingly that it's a detriment.... (If that makes sense....)

      I love talking but....the problems I have with writing are a LOT more deepset than just...writing. I can write easily enough, it's everything else...

      Sorry - sorry.

      You are very welcome - thank YOu for your posts!!

    3. Hey, I totally get you. It's the wrestling--like the wrestling of Jacob in his dark night (I think a lot of Christians call it the Dark Night of the Soul which is appropriate.). Praying can be hard. Why? Because the devil doesn't want you to do it. Sometimes it seems silly. Sometimes it feels like talking to walls. But press on. You're a warrior of the faith. It takes guts. It takes faith (which is belief without seeing). But the more you do it, just like the more you read the Bible, the more you will grow to love it and hunger for it. God has created us as creatures of worship--whatever we put before our eyes, we worship. Let what we put before our eyes be Him. :-)

      So I love Spoken Word poetry, and this one keeps popping into my head after your comment, so if you get the chance, give it a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeY8lndPsdE&list=LLMilsJCpH3zuFiSdyuxPr3g&index=9

      In any case, my favorite quote from it is (God talking): "Before you doubt me, doubt your doubts."

      And hey...I like talking about anything. So I'm serious about you dropping me an email...no matter what you want to talk about. Or we can converse here. XD It just might be less of a pain to have it in your inbox rather than having to go to my blog all the time. XD *gets 1000s of page views*

    4. *laughing* Hey! You get more traffic and feel better about yourself. See? Win win.

      I'll send you an email after I answer these posts though.

      Oh, Spoken Word is amazing... Danke!!

    5. XD Exactly. Hahaha.

      Ooh, excited. *checks email*


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