15 August 2016

In Which I Answer Writerish Questions While Listening to Music

And now you get to see my dino-laptop named Spike that has a broken backspace button!
Today is Day 3 of the Writer's Camp, and I get to answer questions about myself as a writer! Sooooo, here goes... *cracks knuckles*

1.) How long have you been writing? 

I started writing when I was about thirteen, so six years ago (woah, that long???). Ish. 

2.) Why do you write?

Because God has instilled words in this old heart that make noise until they come bursting forth from my fingertips. Seriously.... it's all God. Without Him, I would have zero words at all. 

3.) What are your favorite type of books to write?

Books that have deep themes reflected in deep and personable characters that are fleshed out through intricately woven plots (ideally full of twists and turns that keep you guessing). Stories of redemption, because everyone needs that--and everyone wants that. Stories where darkness is told of so that light can shine all the brighter. Stories that proclaim the Gospel just like it was proclaimed to me. Stories that make you want to be legendary. Stories that make you realize how broken you are and how much you need a Savior. Stories that are heavy with friendship, sibling relationships, and relationships with God. Stories that talk about beauty because beauty is worth talking about. Stories in which all of the stuff that God has taught me is respoken again, raw and oftentimes ugly, but full of redemption and grace. Those kind of books. 

4.) How many books have you successfully completed as of now?

Successful is a deceptive word. I have successfully written The End at the end of three books, but do not ask to read them. ;-)

5.) What are three things you hate about writing?

The fact that sometimes you have a story that is thumping through your veins and you just can't seem to get it out (also known as Writer's Block). Also that it takes so long. Sometimes I wish that I could just plug a wire into my brain and it would just instantly put the story onto the page. Because I HAVE LIMITED TIME. Also that it can easily be misunderstood. 

6.) What are three things you love about writing?

The fact that stories (and poetry) are powerful and hold so much weight to so many people. Also, getting to know characters is just the best. They become like children. And I also love the satisfaction of a story/scene/bit of prose/dialogue/poem turning out well.

7.) What story are you working on Right Now?

A Steampunk novel is the one I'm currently actually writing (when I get the chance), but I am also working through plotholes in my head for my fantasy trilogy. And I'm busy quelling all the new story ideas that come into my brain daily. XD

8.) When is your favorite time to write?

When inspiration hits at its hardest. Unfortunately that usually seems to be at work or on a hike or something where I don't have access to a computer and didn't think to bring a notebook. XD But occasionally there is that beautiful day off that inspiration hits and I sit down at my laptop and just...write.

9.) Do you write short stories, children's books, novels? 

I am really bad at short stories...... I would REALLY like to write children's books (like picture books) but haven't yet. So yeah, novels.

10.) Do you draw inspiration/is your writing style influenced from any particular author?

I am heavily influenced by my sister, who is an AMAZING writer. I also am very inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, Andrew Peterson, Lloyd Alexander, C.S. Lewis, N.D. Wilson, A.S. Peterson, Michael D. O'Brien, and many others. I don't know how much of their style particularly I have taken on, but I definitely get so inspired reading their books.

11.) Do you write trilogies/series?

Yasssss. I currently have a trilogy in my head....but if it continues to get bigger, it might become a four book series.

12.) Have you experienced Writer's Block?

Uh, yeah, who hasn't???

13.) What was the fastest you ever wrote a book? 

30 days....for NaNoWriMo! Twice!

14.) Do you hope to be published one day?

I would loooooooove that so much.

15.) What are some things you hope to share through your books?

Passion for Jesus is definitely a huge one. Just the Gospel in general. Also a love for beauty, a disgust at darkness (versus the common theme in a lot of books lately, which is the glorification of darkness and evil), a desire for something more, a love for true heroes, and themes like true love, loyalty, truth, redemption, courage, and all that good stuff. 

Hope you enjoyed! If you're just catching up with this Writer's Camp, check out Bella's blog for more!   


  1. What a great tag!! I love your answers to this. I could never write something with such complex story

  2. Oh yes!!! Don't you just want all the words to be down as quickly and exactly as you see them in your brain?
    -Mic from Mic's Room (http://lovelypinkduckshome.blogspot.com/)

    1. Yessssss! They are so perfect in my head but by the time they all come out they've gotten all messed up! XD Thanks for the comment!

  3. Yes, so glad you said you want the disgust for darkness. I so agree.

  4. I also suffer writer's block SO MUCH. I'm usually like, "Okay, inspiration, hit me with your best shot!"


    "Fire away!"

    *more silence*

    It's really hard to train yourself to fit into a writing schedule, but (this is something I learned over the summer) once you train yourself, it's so easy to fall back onto your writing-- super easy. XD

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. Yes, I had to put a song reference in. -_- >.<


      And yeah... I need desperately to get into a schedule with writing, but life has been so very crazy lately.... yeah. *shrugs*

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. This is such a fun tag! I may have to complete it myself XD (Also loved Morning's song reference haha)

    1. I know! You should. :-) And yeah, that was pretty great. XD



    Sorry.... You get rambling comments.....

    I want to read your writing.

    PREFERABLY THE REST OF THE DUST MOTE STORY but just about any writing - you sounds as though it would be goo.

    1. XD Hahahaha. The how is that both books were pretty terrible. THEY NEED SO MUCH WORK. But also, that was back when I had much more time. I don't think I could ever manage it this year.

      Hahaha thank you! I'm glad you like my writing/want to read more. That's encouraging! :-D

    2. Hm - true enough..... I always get so bogged down with worldbuilding and backstory AND HAVING SO. MUCH. FUN that I'd never get around to actually WRITING the book........ *sighs*

      *grins* You're very welcome!!

    3. I TOTALLY GET THIS. XD This is like my life. I'm forever plotting things in my head but actually writing it...????? Let's just say there are books I've been working on for like 4 years at least and still only have like 3 chapters. XD

    4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! *bangs head repeatedly on desk* Nine. Years. On. This. series. AND IT NEVER ENDS!!!

    5. NINE YEARS. Kay you got me beat. For now. XD

    6. Yessss..... That series hates me. The characters have minds of their own and generally like to...surprise me.


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