19 January 2016

God is Good

I say God is good.
The veil was torn top to bottom,
The thickness of sin and the separation from God
With that final breath.
I say God is good.
Why do you call me ‘good’? For no one is good except God alone.
I have no good apart from you.
I say God is good.
The testimony is my lungs,
Expanding as they inhale another grace-given breath,
And my eyes, still blinking, still seeing, opening this morning,
Ready to close again, to open again,
My heart, beating away,
I’m alive.
I say God is good.
The promise is in the fierce and firm belief that death
Has no hold
Over me.
For, sick with sin, I was drowning, I was dying with every breath,
Seeing but the dullness of the created world, but the fallenness,
Only the lies and nothing of truth,
For I had blinded my eyes to it, longing only for darkness.
Sinner. Wretched, filthy, hopeless sinner, your justice has come.
In that very justice, in that very judgment of sin,
I say that God is good.
For without judgment, sin reigns on,
But I am sick of it. I am sick of the darkness,
I am sick of the spots and blemishes, the imperfect, rotting souls,
I am sick of living half-alive.
And so justice must be done.
I must die to pay the debt I owe, for I have sinned against God and against man.
Yet I stood in the courtroom and I closed my eyes and waited for the sentence to be spoken,
For the axe to fall,
But it never came and when I opened my eyes I saw before me a Lamb standing,
As though it had been slain, and as though it had risen again,
Reaching out pierced hands, saying, “Touch me,
Your redemption has come.
I have paid in full.”
So I say God is good.
Not good like the person I thought that I was,
But holy and true and perfect and righteous,
Just and gracious and merciful and wrathful and beautiful,
Pure and faithful and patient and good.
And eyes washed with His spit, I finally see,
Hands washed with His blood I am finally clean,
By His wounds, I am finally free.
So I can say, with the multitude, with the host of heaven,
By the power of the one true God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all that is within them,
The Author and Perfector of our Faith,
The Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father,
The Holy One, Jehovah Jireh,
The Perfect Lamb of God,
This God is good.  


  1. AMEN. my heart is like beating a million times a second. (okay, sorry, that's an exaggeration :) this is too good, hannah <3 THIS is my anthem. That God IS good. yes. that is one of the most important things to remember. wow.

    and the way you pieced the words together into a beautiful poem? flawless.

    1. AUTUMN! Thank you soooooooo much! <3 <3 <3 So glad you read and liked it and that it resonated with you. GOD IS SO GOOD! Good even to work through my imperfect words. I think I say it with like, every other response to a comment, but Soli Deo Gloria. Always.

  2. Replies
    1. jk, jk. wffs. dis waz da wurst ting i evr red. )-:<<<<

  3. WOAH. *explodes into a million little bits of woah* i luv u and dis.

    1. XDDDDD Thank you. <3 I love you toooooo.

  4. God is working on me and it hurts because it's my pride that is slowly coming down and He's showing me how NOT good i am. and how great & good HE is.

    this is what i live for you fiery soul xx

    1. Oh my goodness, yes. That is exactly what God is doing in my life...taking me down a few (thousand) notches because to fully see His goodness often means seeing how, like you said, NOT good we are. I'm right there with you, Elisabeth. And it is good. <3

      Thanks for the comment.

    Your writing glorifies the King of Kings and He is using you in amazing ways :)

    1. Huzzah! I am so glad. That is my only aim! :-)

  6. I seriously screamed when I saw your blog banner...OH ITS SO AMAZING!!!! Is that watercolor?? wow..you're just so talented!! I can't wait for a new post :D


    1. I KNOW ISN'T IT PERFECT???? I can brag on it because I actually didn't do it. I WISH I DID. But my good friend Treskie (teresadelallo.blogspot.com) did it. It is, I THINK, copic marker. Thanks for the comment, Julia!

  7. Wow!!!amazing words!!!


  8. wow. ♥ this has punctured my soul.


    p.s. this is such a lame comment but come on you can't expect me to actually have words after stuff like this happens.

    1. Thank you, Abbie! :-) It means a lot. And I know what you mean. Sometimes stuff is just like.... "..." no words. XD I got you. Love ya!


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