07 January 2016

I'm It

I got tagged like a bazillion times. 

Just kidding, I only got tagged three times. 

One was a New Years tag, which I failed at doing and now I don't feel New Years-y. I'M SORRY BELLA. I WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU SOMEHOW. 

So I figured, when I found myself double tagged for the Liebster Award, I'd better do it or else I will get out of the Liebster-y mood. Or something. 


On ho.

So....something about rules. The ones who tagged me are Abby and Sam Denby and Bella Rose tagged me with the New Years one so everyone should go over there and tell her she's awesome and I'm lame. Okay? Okay. Now there are some other rules but yeah. Everybody skips the rule section anyway, right? ;-)

So onto the questions! 

Sam Denby's Questions:

1. Your Favorite Album? 
That is kind of a hard one because I looove music. Probably at this point my favorite album is The Burning Edge of Dawn by Andrew Peterson. Just....*dies* But I also love When I Was Younger by Colony House, Leonard the Lonely Astronaut by Andrew Osenga, Atlas: Year One by Sleeping At Last and like a bazillion others. DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE. *Cries* 

2. Favorite Book?
Excluding the Bible... The Return of the King probably. Or Island of the World by Michael D. O'Brien. Or The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson. It's really hard to decide. 

3. If You Could Only Drink One Drink For the Rest of Your Life, What Would it Be?
Easy peazy. Water. Water is both delicious and essential. 

4. Fruit or Vegetable? 
THIS ONE IS HARDER THAN IT SHOULD BE. I LIKE VEGGIES. BUT I ALSO LIKE FRUIT. Ya know, I don't know if I'd live without salad. But it would also be a miserable life without raspberries. Do they count as fruit even? 

How 'bout this: I'm seriously glad I live in a world with both. 

But if I have to choose...veggies. Though it pains me to say.

5. Your Favorite Holiday?
Easter. Because every single year it surprises me with the awesome weight of glory that is within the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. It's amazing. And I will never get tired of saying, "He is Risen." :-)

6. If You Could Dance With Anyone, Who Would You Dance With?
My Future Husband. Whoever that is. 

7. Main Reason Why You Started Your Blog?
Because I have words. And I guess I just decided to share them??? I know, I don't have very good reasoning. I guess I thought it'd be fun, and pray that it is edifying. 

8. What Are Your Top 3 Moments of 2015?
1. Seeing Andrew Peterson live in concert. That was fantabulicious. 
2. Going to camp. The whole thing.
3. Just....spending time with God. On the whole. I feel like I've grown a lot closer to Him this year.

9. Who Did You Hug Last?

10. What Makes You Happy No Matter What?
The wealth of God's promises. 

11. Cheese or Crackers?
BUT THEY'RE BOTH SO GOOD TOGETHER! But cheese. All kinds of cheeses. I like exotic ones. :-D 

Abby's Questions:

1. Last Song You Listened To?
"Knew Me Well" by Roo Panes. Because Cally linked to it on her post. 

2. Favorite Children's Book?
Counting ONLY picture books (because children's books in general...I like a bazillion)... I think my favorite is....ugh this is hard. XD I love picture books. So it's a toss up between The Friend by Sarah Stewart and If You Plant a Seed by Elly Mackay. Honorable mentions have to go to all the Paddington Bear stories as well as Corduroy because I love them forever.

3. Inspirational Quote?
And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in. --Isaiah 58:12
It's just meant a lot lately. 

4. Ice Cream or Cupcakes?
I'm not a huge fan of cupcakes. So ice cream.

5. If You Could Live Anywhere for a Month, Where Would it Be?
Do fictional places count? If so, the Shire. If not, Ireland, I think.

6. If You Could Eat Lunch With Anybody, Who Would it Be?
Being a huge introvert, this question actually scares me. XD But I think I wouldn't go the famous people route... I'd go with my blogger friends that I've never met before. Like Abbie and Treskie. AND EVERYONE. WE COULD JUST HAVE A BLOGGER LUNCH. Wouldn't that be fabulous?  

7. If You Could Instantly Speak One Language Fluently, Which One Would You Choose?
Chinese. Because I want to go there. And that would make things way, way, way easier. XD CAN THIS REALLY HAPPEN PLEASE?

8. What are Three Things/People That Inspire You
1. God. Always. 
2. Amy Carmichael.
3. My sister.

9. When Was the Last Time You Laughed and Why?
I keep laughing at these funny memories I have. But they're too hard to explain.... Let's just go with the last thing I laughed REALLY hard at. That was the SyloSynth recording of my dad all sped up. I was laughing so hard I was crying and gasping for breath.

10. What is Something That Simply Makes You Happy?
The Bible.

11. The Best Thing About Blogging So Far?
Comments and people. :-) 

HEY LOOK I DID IT! Hope you enjoyed the weird capitalization. 

And I tag YOU. Mostly because I think all of the people I would tag (or who would want to do it) probably have already been tagged. Also, I'm lazy. But if you want it, snatch it up! Here are my questions for you (and feel free to do one or two or all questions in the comments if you want!)

1. What is One Talent You'd Really Like to Have? (That you don't already have...)
2. What Character in Books or Movies Do You Relate to Most?
3. Favorite Middle of the Night Snack?
4. Last Thing You Heard Spoken?
5. Your Dream Last Night? (Describe in detail. Dreams amuse me greatly.)
6. Verse That Has Meant A Lot to You Lately?
7. Thing You Are Most Excited for in 2016?
8. Would You Rather Lose an Arm or a Leg?
9. Sweaters, Hoodies, or Coats?
10. Bizarre Fact About You?
11. When You Are Cooking, What are Your Go-To Ingredients for Basically Anything?

Okay. Have at it, minions. :-) 


  1. I'm here because I'm cute.

    1. I'd really like to be able to not be dumb like seriously.
    2. Emma. Or Janner. Or Eustace? Who knows.
    3. Toast and honey. Or popcorn. It gives me wicked dreams.
    4. In you I found my home from home - Roo Panes.
    5. WELL I ALREADY TOLD YOU. But we were at the house, and I was wearing my fancy dress and so I knew we were going to the wedding, and I went out to the office to get the rest of them and C+J were sitting there holding hands and I was like "oh excuse me i'm just here to pick up..." and then i saw your brother and he was wearing that striped shirt that he thinks is a dress shirt or something and i got really mad and then he sassed me and then i screamed and you ran in and yelled "GUYS WE GOTTA GO" and then you drove us. so fun. <3
    6. Philippians 3:12
    7. Loving Jesus.
    8. I'd rather lose my sense of style thank you. *dally remarks that i already lost it* woops
    9. Hoodies. I feel safe.
    10. I recently got a tiny mole on my hand and I have no idea where it came from and there aren't any around it but it's kinda cute so it can stay.
    11. Flour.

    becuz pancakes?

    1. Sayeth whaaaaat? XD

      1. XD You are seriously not dumb.
      2. "All of them at once I suppose..."
      3. Toast and honey is nice. I'm more of a cashew or cracker snacker. XD
      4. Oooh.
      5. Heyyyy I'm finally driving in your dreams... XD
      6. Mmmm yes.
      7. Amen, sistah.
      8. XDDDD Dally's sass. XD But if you lost your arm you'd get a metal one.
      9. Hoodies are cool.
      11. XDDDDDDD


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