04 July 2015

He is Faithful

Taken by Cally Declan again

When that humongous trailer started tipping, my heart skipped a beat and I grasped at metal and tugged with all of my petty might and I felt the breath leave me.

Two were on the danger zone side. Two names that were beating with my pounding heart and for a moment there, I thought,

They're gonna die.

And in that abyss of my own thoughts, I saw a dark thing and I found that I could not pull this heavy weight in any way. I couldn't save anyone.

All of this was thought in a split second as the trailer full of furniture creaked and moaned and fell to the left--

And crashed straight down on a jack that wasn't supposed to be there.

And yet was totally supposed to be there.

Isn't it incredible how we serve the God who doesn't make mistakes? Who doesn't have little accidents? Who doesn't turn his back for one instant to let something happen outside His will?

And man, even if that trailer crushed one of us... it's all under His control.

Do I trust that? Not really. Not nearly as much as I should. Instead, my life is a series of cheap, predictable novels--in which the heroine jumps down off of the back of the suburban, puts her weight into pulling the tipping trailer, and saves the day.

Er, well, that is to say, I never actually save the day.

But I always think that I can, for some odd reason. Even though, dude, I don't even work out.

But God is faithful. Always, always, always faithful. And it always looks different. Whether it's a jack in the right spot at the right time, or the fact that He is well acquainted with our grief, or as we live our daily lives in this crazy promise of sanctification day by day.

God keeps His promises. He always has and always will. And boy is that an incredible thought.


  1. Your words ring so true, Hannah Joy. "God keeps His promises. He always has and always will." < It's a beautiful thing and you're right, it is hard to just let go and trust sometimes. But we always have his words in our hearts, and we know that his plans for us are all good and beautiful. Jesus came to give us life to the fullest, and everything that is good. <3 Thank you for sharing this.


    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Abbie! Agh, your comments make my day. :-) And Amen! Praise God. :-)

  2. WAAAAAAa. This is amazing, and I'm glad we get to see promises fulfilled together. ♥


  3. I like the pacing of this piece. And how we are shown what is happening rather than told. Good writing XD.

    1. Thank you so much, Lady Emily! It really means a lot! :-)


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