30 June 2015

To the Girl Who Died Part 2

Taken by Cally Declan

And when the whole world felt like death,
When the heaviness of night fell upon me,
And as I prayed that life might be real to you,
A great flurry of butterflies flew upon the innocence of summer,
And I thought of you.
They sang the song of a Man
Who walked toward death as it hurtled towards Him,
Who was engulfed in blackness as the storm railed on,
Who died,
And from the pit of despair, from the gates of Sheol,
He rose again.
So let me say it with more conviction.
There is light, there is hope.
I have seen it.
I see it in the hills painted with sunlight in the golden hour.
I see it in the fields of wildflowers that host such a great cloud of witnesses.
I see it in the night sky broken by a thousand, no, a million stars.
I see it in the tomb, left empty of its decay.
And in that light there is no more darkness.
In that life there is no more death.


  1. *sigh* Your poems should always have a part 2.

  2. WHOA WHOA WHOA. *peels herself off the ground* That was INCREDIBLE, Hannah Joy. "And in that light there is no more darkness. In that life there is no more death." < whoa. chills.

    1. Adfnkwnfeownofwe THANK YOU! You are always wayyy too kind.


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