22 June 2015

Monday Madness S1 P5

STORY STARTER:  Since I was the last one to see________before he disappeared, I knew the police would have to question me.  **Common Core State Standards:  L.1, W.3, W.10, SL.4  (uses clauses/transitions/commas, writes routinely within time frames, uses adequate volume) Lesson link: http://pinterest.com/elaseminars/ (Photo source link provided below) Have longer lessons delivered to your inbox monthly by clicking http://elaseminars.com/opt-in-1.htm
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They brought me into an interrogation room. At least, that was what I assumed since it was a creepy little room with no windows and only one light. It was almost like they were trying to make it feel like a movie.

They sat me down in the chair, then handcuffed my hands (thank goodness, no more duct tape. It really did hurt) around the back of the chair. I gave a dirty look to the guy who did all of this, a guy who wasn't with us on our car ride. This guy was tall and buff and basically looked like an army guy. Carl was there, too, and I wondered if Jon would appear as well. I hoped so. I knew that he would be easier to manipulate than either of these guys would be.

Plus, he was a lot less scary.

"What did you do with my dog?" I said coolly.

Army guy looked curiously at Carl, who shrugged and said, "Your dog is fine. He's outside."

"He likes to have a lot of space to run around. Also, he can sense creeps, so I'd watch yourself."

"Never you mind about him. Right now we have something to talk to you about."

I pretended to look surprised. I was, however, genuinely intrigued, especially after Jon's note.

And speaking of Jon, there he appeared. Carl nodded at him, then said quietly, "You're just going to watch how an interrogation is done. No talking, no interruptions, nothing. Just observe."

I rolled my eyes. "What, is this some sort of training thing? I'd really hate to be kidnapped for no reason but to train this nerd."

Jon rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, and leaned back against the door.

Carl and Army guy turned back to me. Army guy spoke first. "What's your name?"

I was a little startled by this question, but I responded, "Don't you know?"

Army guy nodded and looked at the clipboard he had in his hand. "Keilah Rose Fleming, age sixteen, born September 13th in Xuancheng, China. Adopted from China when you were at the age of two by Brendan William Fleming and Melissa Rose (Gardener) Fleming, whose biological children include Joseph William Fleming and Michael James Fleming."

I shifted uncomfortably.

"Birth name, Lian Tan. Birth parents: listed as unknown." Army guy looked up at me with a pointed look. "We have reason to believe, Miss Tan, that the orphanage that you were with for the first two years of your life destroyed your files. Either that or your parents did. Somehow along the line the documents went missing."

I sputtered my lips. I was in way over my head and I knew it. "How am I supposed to know what happened to some papers if I was a baby?" I said in frustration. This was a subject I usually avoided, but it's hard to avoid it if some creep is interrogating you about it. It's different when it's a schoolmate or whatever.

Army guy squatted down to eye level. "Aiguo and Hua Tan," here I started, for I had never before heard the names of my biological parents before, "were high level spies. But it seems that all evidence of them ever existing has been wiped from every database."

I sat in stunned silence for a moment, then said, more quietly and afraid-sounding than I had intended, "Then how do you know about them?"

Army guy shook his head. "As interrogator, I ask the questions."

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    I love this story tonssss. Yes yes yes.

    1. I found that hilarious too. XD INCONSISTENCY BREAKS THE WORLD MAN.

      Anyway. Schmanks.

  2. I love your style. IS FUN. Is corny and fun. XD

  3. “It was almost like they were trying to make it feel like a movie.” < AAHAHHAA oh my gosh. “(thank goodness, no more duct tape. It really did hurt)” GAWSH, I CAN IMAGINE. I’ve never had that happen to me (thankfully heh) but jeepers duct tape is some sticky, nasty stuff. Although, not nasty when being used for good. *nods* “I rolled my eyes. "What, is this some sort of training thing? I'd really hate to be kidnapped for no reason but to train this nerd."” << SUIDHAKSNANKJ me love this. Oooh, what is going on with her parents?? ZE PLOT THICKENS. Can’t wait for more. :D

    1. Ehehehehe! Agh, man, I adore your comments! YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY! Duct tape is soooo nasty! Thank you for reading!


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