29 June 2015

To the Girl Who Died

Colors: Black and white, ties in with the metaphor of the yin yang sign. This picture shows someone realizing something, just as in our story line where the characters realize that rejection doesn't define them.
From Pinterest

The girl was dead.
Not in body, but in soul,
Like the enemy had come in the watches of the night
And destroyed all the good crop that sprouted in her childhood.
And it didn’t cross her mind that anything was wrong.
And it smote me.
A well-aimed knife between the shoulder blades.
She was dead, and I mourned.
Yet she was beautiful, perfectly slender, with beautiful eyes that—
That were windows to her decaying soul.
The world is good at faking life.
It’s cruel.
Can there be hope in the depths of the soul?
Can there be life in the garden that tasted utter destruction?
Because they planted, we watered, but where is the growth?
Why did death overshadow her and plunge her into the abyss of darkness
Deep and wide as the sin that wracks the ribs of the world even now?
Yet is sin any more than an illusion, a fraud?
Christ drowned it in His blood.
So what happened?
What happened, little girl, what broke you?
Because when you broke, you shattered,
And then you got on your hands and knees and
You tried to piece the little girl back together again.
On your own.
But you didn’t know how to, so instead you built walls,
Dungeons and catacombs and pits and snares,
And you grasped your ankle and closed the manacle around it,
And sat in the darkness to hide.
And when sin crouches at the door you call him friend.
You let him strip you of everything and you call it good.
And my soul burns within me and I feel the words pulsating through my veins like fire,
There is light, there is light, there is light.
There is hope, little one, there is light.
Just open your eyes.


  1. Goosebumps. So many. I love this. Yes yes yes. You should chat me and tell me who it is about (though I think I have a pretty vague idea).

    1. Ooooh really? Well stay tuned tomorrow for part two which I didn't know I was going to write, but I did. :-) I will chat you and tell you who it is. *switches tabs*

  2. Oooooooo ahhhhhhhhhh.

    This is amaaazing AND sums up a feeling I often have.

    1. Oh schnmanks. Too kind, too kind. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Lauren! I'm so glad you liked it. <3

  4. UGH IT'S JUST...so good. And the title. And everything.

    You did it again. ♥


    1. Agh, thank you. You are too kind, too kind. <3

  5. Oh Hannah girl! That was SAD. LIKE TEARS, SAD. You okay?

    1. Yeah, I'm okay.... I realize that poem was slightly depressing. XD I was disturbed at the time (yesterday) of writing it because of the girl that the poem is about. But look for part two, which I wrote on the epic hike we took yesterday. *grin*

  6. Replies
    1. thanks Jessika thank you for capitalizing my name. ;-)

      And for the comment. <3


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