24 September 2015

An Interesting Tag

Behold! I have been tagged once more! This time it is by the ever-wonderful Bella! I call it an interesting tag because it kind of struck me as funny. It is called the Five Male Characters tag.

I don't know, it's just funny. XD

There are rules.

-List Five of your Favorite Male Characters, book or screen. (Yay books!)
-Tagging other people is optional. (Isn't it always???)
-If you are tagged, link to the person who tagged you. (Done! Look at me, I'm so good at this.)
-Link back to Revealed in Time. (Yup, did it.)
-Be awesome. (Just kidding, that's not a rule.) 

To List the Five Favorite Male Characters, you choose one for each category:

-Hero (Duh)
-Villain (Less duh)
-Best Book-to-Screen Adaption
-Best Character Perception (What does that mean? *sees what other people post to find out and is still slightly confused*)

M'kay. *rubs hands together* This will be fun.


Czwarty tom „Kronik Prydainu” pod oryginalnym tytułem „Taran Wanderer”.:
Book cover picture found on Pinterest. I'll give you a hint: Taran is not the bald, evil sorcerer.
 Taran of Caer Dallben from The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander, hands down, is my favorite hero. He is cool.

The thing I love most about Taran is that he is so human. He struggles with his pride and hot temper, with trying to impress a certain, red-haired princess, with wanting to be more than he is, and just with himself in general. Yet he realizes that in himself. The fact that he goes and apologizes to others, takes the blame for things, and gives all that he has several times...that is so awesome. And yet, it is a struggle still, just as it always is, to humble yourself before the people who have embarrassed and hurt you.

Also, his character development is the best ever. The way he grows is so real, and the man he is in The High King is so much different than the boy he was in The Book of Three. Yet, always, he is still Taran.

Also, he says things like, "Coll? But he's so...bald!"


I feel like finding a favorite villain is sometimes dangerous waters. Like, villains are so blurry nowadays, with the onslaught of sympathetic villains, or just the idea that darkness might be something to like. And that is kind of scary. But I am fully aware that villains are necessary parts of stories, and that they can be well done or they can be altogether lame. I could go into a whole blog post just about villains and what their role is and how they should fulfill it and blah-dee-blah as if I was an expert at it, but instead, I'll just go with the villain that I think fits the villainy bill. I don't want to say that he's my favorite villain because I actually hate him. But that's what you're supposed to feel towards villains, right? 

Haha You know Robin did something Heroic if Sheriff is making that face :P
From Pinterest
The Sheriff of Nottingham, from the Robin Hood BBC TV Series. He's pretty darn evil. He likes festivals of pain and killing peasants and basically just lives for his own amusement and gaining power. Which is partially just for his own amusement. And he frankly is quite funny, until the moments when he's just too evil to bear and then you just thoroughly hate him. 

And he fights Robin Hood, which makes him thoroughly villainous because Robin Hood is awesome.

And he says things like, "A clue: No!" 


So, the definition of Anti-Hero is, "a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes." (according to Google). Now, heh, I'm going to cheat with this one. Because my sister and I are writing a story together and one of the main characters is a great anti-hero named Dan, who is basically a loser. 

I love him because he is Dan. Because he never really knows what's going on. Because he sleeps on the couch and drinks milk all day. Because he's more focused on his band than on the fact that the world might be in danger. 

And because he totally rushed the villain with the superpower and headbutted him in the stomach and that was hysterical. 

And he says things like. "WHA?????" 

Best Book-to-Screen Adaption

Okay, this is a slightly weird one, because I've only read one book in the Guardians of Childhood series by William Joyce (though I'd like to read the rest of them), but I'm going to go with...

Nightlight: Five Signs Your Character Is Fully Developed:
Both from Pinterest.

Nightlight/Jack Frost. Honestly, I'd say just looking at both these pictures just says it all. Because they're both, like, amazing. The moment you realize that they are the same person is like...basically I got shivers. Like, they are different, but they are different in the way they are supposed to be different. 

And Jack (Nightlight doesn't talk all that much) says things like, "Right on time, Sandman." 

Best Character Perception

Ah, the hard one. So apparently what this means is how the audience's perception of the character changes over the course of the story (different from character development because the character doesn't actually change). 




That's so right, guys. You didn't think I would actually go a whole post about characters without mentioning a Ninjago character, did you? Funny that it's Dareth..... 

So yeah, Dareth. I also could have put him under the anti-hero category, I suppose, but whatever. So the funny thing about him is not really that you realize, "Oh, he's such a great guy after all!" but you realize, "I adore this funny little man and all of his quirks and idioticness." Because he's an absolute fool, really, but he's got a good heart, and big ambitions... 

And he says things like, "I Dareth you to join my Dojo." 

OKAY! I hope you enjoyed this fun little tag of mine. It stretched my imaginative powers, actually, because I had to actually THINK about the characters I wanted to talk about. And I got to talk about some characters that I don't talk about often. So SCHMANKS FOR THE TAG, BELLA! :-) 

And because I feel extra nice, I'm going to tag people. 




  1. First off, is Taran.... isn't there a movie adaptation of the book series? Because if there is, I must go read the books right away O-O


    xoxo Morning

    1. There is a movie adaption of a mix of the first two books, and it's called The Black Cauldron and it's done by Disney and I have not seen it and will never because SERIOUSLY FFLEWDDUR FFLAM IS NOT AN OLD GUY WITH A POTBELLY. And it's just....so wrong. Like, the Prydain Chronicles are some of the best books EVERRRR and I don't want them ruined by some silly movie adaption. But I say, READ THE BOOKS SERIOUSLY. I do wish that somebody would make a movie more like the books. Or even better, a TV mini series or something. XD Okay mini rant done.

      As to your secondly: THAT IS A LEGITIMATE QUESTION but I am always afraid sequels will ruin the first movie.

      wow how pessimistic. XD oops.

      Thanks for the comment, Morning! <3

  2. Oh man, Dareth. XD

    I've never heard of the Prydain Chronicles and now I needs read it. Phooey.

    1. Right??? XD I love that guy.

      And I have never told you about the Prydain Chronicles???? GO READ THEM! Agh, they are amazing.


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