13 November 2015

To the Gate

Me and the unsurpassedly lovely Addy T. Photo taken by the unbeatable and unmistakable Dally.

Autumn leaves kiss winter’s frost.
I wait.
The breath of the morning is frozen
And my chest aches with a cough, but I run.
I run.
Just to the gate, not beyond,
For it looks lovely, sparkling in the bright sun.
Gently, gently, gently,
Says the morning with a laugh.
But I am young and stupid
And I would rather save gently for withered hands and crippled feet.
To the gate, then, I stumble.
Oh, aching lungs, would that you could breathe a little deeper of this purity,
Would that you could laugh a little longer,
Or sing a song to the Maker of this abundance.
But gently, gently, gently. You’ve reached the gate now.
These farmers’ fields spread out before me,
At the end of their bounty, but not the end of their beauty
For God has painted them in earthen gold,
Not to die, but to live and proclaim the works of the Lord.
I think my heart is full to bursting with their life,
Where my own had shriveled in the fear of loneliness and the dread of emptiness.
But now my weary, cold-weakened body drinks deep the cup of holiness,
And it is enough—Oh, God, you are enough!—
My being cries out in deep-seated hope,
For my resurrection eyes will always see fields full of gold, and I know,
I know that the Beginning is nigh.


  1. this. this. this. The first line, ugh. I love it all actually, you're just so amazing <3


    1. (by ugh, I mean how gorgeous it is, a lot of people misinterpret that :P)

    2. Thank you, Noor! YOU are amazing! :-) And no worries, I got you (on the ugh). :-D Thank you for taking the time to read this. All I can say, and continue to say is: God! Without Him, there'd be no words. :-)

  2. I love this so much. What we have in Christ is so beautiful!

  3. your writing is always so encouraging and inspiring. it describes how i feel sometimes so accurately.
    so pretty... so beautiful <3 God is an amazingly good God.

    1. Amen, amen, sister! Thank you for your kind words. They mean the world!

  4. HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa. i love you. i love us. i love the smell of redemption in the morning. ♥

    1. XDDDDD I love you right back, Addy T. I like that picture because it looks like I said something dumbly funny and you are cracking up. XDDD I MISS YOUUUUUU WAAAAA.

  5. *looks at Hannah's writing*

    *Looks at own writing*

    *back to Hannah's*

    *Back to mine*


    *frowns at own writing*


    1. XDDDDD You crack me up and I love you. Thanks. :-D <3

  6. Ahhhh I love this! <3 So good darling!


  7. MIND BLOWN because yaaas girl, your words speak absolutely stunning perfection.

    i like <3<3

  8. Well, Elisabeth, my computer staunchly refuses to use the reply button. But thank you so much for your comment. It means so much. But man, it is far from perfect, and anything that is perfect is not me, it's God. :-) Still, your comment made my heart soar. Thank you!


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