15 August 2015

So Lately...

I'll admit it, I was like, "I need to post today. What should I post?" And this was the easy route. To do a "Lately" post. It is, as most everything is, inspired by Cally Declan, because she is awesome and she generally doesn't mind if I steal her ideas. XD

So Lately...

Life has actually been kind of crazily slow. After a breakneck-speed summer, I feel like I've come to a sudden halt, yet my mind is still in high gear, so I'm feeling a bit like a car in neutral that keeps getting its engine revved.

I have been...


The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare. I have read it multiple times but it is still just as glorious as ever. Man, it is so powerful. I'm thankful that I dropped my "I need to read new things because my reading list is too long to allow rereads" and just did it. So worth it.

Plenty for Everyone by Corrie ten Boom. I made it my goal to be reading one fiction and one nonfiction at a time, and so I read this along with my devotionals. I've only just started, but I love it already.

The Broken Warrior by Cally Declan. Because I am special and I get to. I haven't restarted it yet, but I think I am going to print it off chapter by chapter. And it will be epic, I know, because I love all of the characters with a fierce and loyal love.


I've taken a bit of a hiatus from my Steampunk novel and retaken up my fantasy novel, and I am loving the change of scene. I've needed some time to stew on my Steampunk ideas for a while, and while I was writing that one, I was stewing on ideas for my fantasy one, so it all kind of works out.

I have also been writing some poetry, of course. And trying to cough out some lyrics but it's hard when you don't know exactly where you want to go with it...

Listening to...

Mostly Indelible Grace. They do hymns and they do them so wonderfully. I'm particularly in love with this one and this one. I was listening to an Indelible Grace mix this summer while I was pumping up air mattresses to see if they had holes, then washing them, then letting the air out of them. And so "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah" came on when I was laying on a quickly deflating air mattress (because the pressure of my weight on it makes the process go much faster), and my heart just heaved with the beauty of the words. It's been kind of an answer to prayer, in a way, since this whole year I have been praying for guidance and purpose and for God to show me the next step. Yet the answer has been less of a "Here is your next step and your five year plan and the exact steps that you will take," and more a of a realization of the promise that the lyrics of that song express quite well:

I am weak, but Thou art mighty
Hold me with Thy powerful hand
Bread of Heaven
Feed me now and evermore.

For my goal is not to do the good work of the Lord. My goal is to win Christ and to spurn all earthly gain. All else will fall into place.


Quiet mornings with God as summer heaves its final, most glorious breath, before autumn chills the air and turns the leaves to fire and gold. 
Hellos, because goodbyes are too hard for me, but hellos are just right.
Long emails that you don't expect. 
Sisters here and sisters in far-off places.
Piano music. There's something about it that makes me want to get lost in it. 
That God is our Shepherd, that we are His sheep, and that we know well His voice.

And that's all for this time, kids! See you on Monday for Keilah being Keilah... 



    i'll write a longer comment later. XDDD But I loved this post.


      I'm glad you loved it and short comments from you are still sweet.

    2. XDDDD aw thanks. <3

      YOU'RE EXCITED TO READ MY BOOK???? *melts in a puddle of love* It's pretty awful but that is too sweet I think I may be dying. XDDDD

      I'm so excited to read your books. *dances around* Even Luthar.

      I'll need to click those music links sometime. Probably tomorrow. So I can hear the goodness. Muahah.

      I loved...the lovingly lately part. Because...YES YES YES. I'm looking forward so much to the work camp in September I think I may be falling over? <3 <3 <3 oh man. i love autumn a lot. i'm eagerly awaiting it.

      (i'd say monday come quick, but that's only because i want the next part. XDDD)

    3. Welcome. <3

      YES I AM. And it is not awful. I know because I've read parts of it and I die because it's wonderful.

      I adore Indelible Grace 5ever.



  2. This is a good idea to steal. XD Oh man, The Bronze Bow is one of my favorites. And piano music all the way. *waggles eyebrows at Cameron*

    1. I thought so. Thus, I pilfered. The Bronze Bow....unghhhh sooo goooood!

    2. The Bronze Bow is the best :D I read some of it recently, it always makes me feel like blacksmithing XD

    3. Ugh, I know. I just finished it the other day. So good.

  3. haha, i agree with becca. if you're gonna steal a post idea, this one's the way to gooooo :)
    i totally agree with you. goodbyes are bittersweet, but hellos are beyond sweet. And that God is a loving Shepherd, who actually cares about us. Wow. that is mind blowing.

    1. Hahaha thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed.
      And amen, it is mind blowing! I keep coming back to that same thought and it never fails to put me into a state of awe.

  4. Hehe, I loved Cally's freaked out expression. Do you write songs? (I kind of assumed that from what you said on the writing part of the post but it could be lyrics to something else... Oh my gosh I just sound dumb now XD) I want to write songs but the only instrument I can read is violin and recorder music. But you'd probably write some on your amazing cello, so... :P

    xoxo Morning

    1. Cally is amazing. XD Yes, I dabble in some songwriting. Just some lyrics. Nothing really pro. I play violin and cello so I love doing improv and playing it that way but I have yet to write a song on either instrument that I'm super happy with.

      But how did you know I play cello? *can't remember mentioning it, but probably did sometime...*


    Felt like I would crawl out of my hole for a moment to comment you and remind you I'm alive even though you see me every day.

    I love how the song came on while you were spread out on the air mattress. Classic Hannah, mixing the profound with the mundane and slightly hilarious. XD

    1. At first I was like, "When....??" and then I saw it.

      This is true. I do see you every day but occasionally you look pretty dead.

      XD I thought you might like that part.


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