04 September 2016

In Which I Quiz Some Characters

If you look really really really really hard you'll see the top of Cally's head.
So I'm a cheater. Not really but sort of. Because on this fabulous day 11 of Writer's Camp with Bella DeLallo, you are supposed to choose a character and do this awesome Would You Rather/What Now? quiz thingamabob.

I'm only bending the rules.

And slipping a few extra characters in there so that I can listen to them banter.

So without further ado, here's the crew from Beyond the Burning Sky.

1. Would you rather be hot or cold?
Amber: Oh, much rather be cold. It's wretchedly hot here.
Vi: You should get out more at night. It's not always hot.
Amber: In the factory it is.
Vi: True, that. That's why you traipse the rooftops after curfew. And for the record, I'd rather be cold, too.
Elliot: The maiden speaks sooth.
Vi: You're not going to do the whole interview like that, are you?
Elliot: It's not an interview, it's a game. And it's the truth! Why in the blessed earth would you rather be hot? You can actually cure coldness. You get a coat on. But when you're hot, there's only so much you can do.
Riley: You know, I don't much notice heat. But when it's cold I can't move my fingers enough to mess with wires and bolts. So I'll say hot.
Cobb: Cold.
Bones: *rolls eyes* Cold, I suppose.

2. Would you rather work at night or during the day?
Amber: What with the curfew, you can't work at night. What kind of question is that?
Vi: *laughs* The nighttime is glorious. All you've got to do is bend a few rules and break a few others.
Elliot: What foolhardy person would even make a curfew anyways? However, at the risk of disagreeing, I'm actually going to say in the day. Because...well, people are around and...
Vi: And you rob them blind.
Elliot: No....
Vi: *raises eyebrow in amusement*
Riley: Day, night, makes no difference to me. I work holed up in a workshop underground. *laughs*
Cobb: ...Nighttime inspires me.
Bones: *grunts* Depends.

3. Someone knocks on your door. What now?
Amber: Probably the landlady wanting some rent. It's never anyone else. So I suppose I raid my jar for money.
Vi: You know, we don't often get people knocking at the Hall. I guess it depends on what time of day or night it was. We'd check the whatever-it-is that Riley made and make sure it's not the cops. If it is the cops, ring that alarm bell like nothing else and then get out by the fire escape.
Elliot: And if it wasn't the cops, I suppose we'd just invite them in for tea.
Vi: ...Sure.
Riley: I'm deaf in one ear...probably wouldn't hear it. *laughs*
Cobb: Why do you ask such questions? I suppose I'd...answer it.
Bones: Let 'em knock.

4. Would you rather go without food or water for a day?
Amber: I've gone without food many times, so I'm used to that.
Vi: It seems pretty logical to answer that one... *scratches head* Why would anyone choose going without water?
Elliot: Either sounds painful to me.
Riley: Pfft, What's it to skip out on food? I forget to eat about seventy percent of the time. I guess I forget to drink too...until I get a blazing headache.
Cobb: Food.
Bones: Ridiculous question.
Vi: Bones, quit being you. Just be pleasant for once in your life.
Bones: *rolls eyes*

5. Someone tells you your life is a lie. What now?
Amber: Ugh, I wish...
Vi: How on earth could someone know that? What does it mean? I mean....does it mean that I'm not really Vi, I'm the queen of Bry?
Elliot: Bravo, you rhymed. And I think that if that happened... I would sit down, scratch my head, rub my eyes, and then begin to ask this random fellow what he's talking about. If he's got information I don't know on my life, it's be interesting to note.
Riley: I'd probably think I heard them wrong. What's there to lie about?
Cobb: Eh. I'd probably believe them.
Bones: How do they know my life?
Elliot: Maybe you got brainwashed.
Vi: Would explain some things.
Bones: I wasn't.

6. Would you rather be settled or have the open road?
Amber: I wish I knew what settled looked like. If it's like what it is in my mind, then that one.
Vi: Open road. Don't chain me up here.
Elliot: The open road is the one full of possibility, full of adventure, full of truth-seeking and soul-searching...yes. I like that option.
Riley: Settle me down with some metal and some tools and I'll be a happy camper.
Cobb: Oh, settled for sure.
Bones: Give me something other than what I have.

7. Would you rather lose sight or hearing?
Amber: I don't care. Really, I don't.
Vi: No hearing, I can't play music, I can't hear music...life doesn't mean anything anymore. I'd rather be blind.
Elliot: Oh, rubbish. I hate questions of the sort. I guess I'd rather go deaf but no one plan anything.
Riley: I'm already halfway there, so hearing.
Cobb: Hearing, for sure.
Bones: Hearing.

8. Would you rather have a dog or a cat?
Amber: Dog, I suppose.
Vi: Dog. Cats are far too full of themselves. A big black guard dog.
Elliot: I like dogs, too.
Riley: Cats are self-sufficient. I'd go that route.
Cobb: Oh...cat?
Bones: I hate animals.
Amber: You hate everything, don't you?

9. How do you respond to betrayal, pain, loss?
Amber: At this point, it doesn't even surprise me anymore. I feel...numb. All dead inside.
Vi: Anger. I get mad.
Elliot: In the end, write a poem, get it out.
Riley: *shakes head* Immerse myself in work. Or maybe break a few things. Something will eventually help.
Cobb: I make things right.
Bones: Fight. Break things. Punch walls. And when all else fails, I paint.

10. Do you like music?
Amber: Yes. I never knew it before, but yes. Yes, yes.
Vi: Is that even a question? Music is my life.
Elliot: I adore music.
Riley: It's alright. Can't sing in tune myself, but I can appreciate it.
Cobb: I suppose so. Who doesn't, really?
Bones: I like good music.

11. Do you like reading?
Amber: I used to.
Vi: Not...not particularly. It's just the sitting down and doing it.
Elliot: Oh yes. Oh yes, yes. Reading... reading is the bliss of life.
Riley: Not much. Haven't done it in a while.
Cobb: I don't mind it.
Bones: *scowls* No. Can't.

12. Would you rather face a lion or a bear?
Amber: It seems that either way I wouldn't make it. So...I'd rather see a lion before I die.
Vi: Bear.
Elliot: Oh, dilemma, dilemma. Neither responds to good poetry or shiny things. I suppose a....a...lion?
Riley: Lion.
Cobb: Bear.
Bones: Give me either.
Cobb: I suppose you think you could defeat either, then?
Bones: *shrugs* Let me try.

13. What is something that scares you?
Amber: The prison. The Inventor. Scavengers. Cops.
Vi: Dying, I think.
Elliot: Large rodents, things floating in my water, and bad writing.
Riley: Fires. Nightmares. Being alone forever.
Cobb: Not getting things right. It's not really a fear. Maybe it is.
Bones: God.

14. Would you rather be in a crowd or alone?
Amber: Alone.
Vi: Depends on the crowd. In the audience of an orchestra, yes.
Elliot: Crowd. I love people.
Vi: And their wallets.
Riley: Crowd. Not alone for a long time.
Cobb: Alone.
Bones: What do you think?

15. Your family is threatened. What now?
Amber: What family?
Vi: If you mean my band here, I'm about to blow seventeen holes in whoever it is' brains.
Elliot: Yes, if you mean the band, I can unleash the fighter.
Riley: I hope I'd be brave enough.
Cobb: I'd think up a scheme to...bring down the villain.
Bones: Bust up some faces I guess. Not that I have anyone.
Vi: You have us.
Bones: ..... it's true.

16. Do you put a lot of importance on family (answer honestly)?
Amber: I did, once. I would now.
Vi: Absolutely. Though family's not always what you think it looks like.
Elliot: She said it.
Riley: Yes, yes I do.
Cobb: I thought I did.
Bones: Not really. My family didn't put lots of importance on it.

17. Do you believe in God/angels/heaven or the like?
Amber: ....I don't know.
Vi: Yes. Yes.
Elliot: I've got to.
Riley: Yeah, I do.
Cobb: No.
Bones: I believe in Him. I just don't know who He is.

18. Would you rather have coffee or tea?
Amber: Coffee.
Vi: Coffee, yep. Rich coffee with cream and lots of sugar.
Elliot: Tea, actually.
Riley: Coffee. But I like mine black as dirty oil.
Cobb: Coffee, tea, both the same.
Bones: Coffee.

19. Would you rather take a long walk in the forest or a bike ride down a parkway?
Amber: Bike ride takes less out of my lungs. As long as it's downhill both ways.
Vi: Long walk, I think. But bikes are loads of fun.
Elliot: Long walk, for sure. Gives you time to think.
Riley: Bike ride, yokel. Who wouldn't? The wind in your hair, the feeling of almost, almost flying....
Cobb: Long walk.
Bones: Walk. A bike ride sounds fun, though.

20. Do you like snow?
Amber: It makes things cold. Difficult. And it's dirty.
Vi: But not before it hits the ground. I love the idea of snow, if not the effects.
Elliot: Snow's got its perks.
Riley: No, no. Nope. Makes pipes freeze and fingers cold and....yeah no.
Cobb: Not really.
Bones: I don't really care.

21. Do you like rain?
Amber: Yeah.
Vi: Yes. Most of the time.
Elliot: Always, always. I wish it would always rain. Rain is inspiration.
Riley: I don't mind rain.
Cobb: No.
Bones: Not really.

22. What is your favorite thing to do?
Amber: Find answers.
Vi: Play violin.
Elliot: Write poetry, of course.
Riley: INVENT. Make something new. Work with machines...oh the glory.
Cobb: I guess sew...
Bones: Paint.
Vi: I thought you were going to say complain.
Bones: That too.

23. Would you rather spend the day indoors or outdoors?
Amber: Indoors.
Vi: Outdoors, of course.
Elliot: Eh, depends on the day. Depends on the muse.
Riley: In my workshop.
Cobb. Indoors.
Bones: I think I would go insane if I was indoors all day.

24. Do you like summer days?
Amber: Ugh, the heat.
Vi: I don't mind them. They're not my favorites, but not my least favorites.
Elliot: Sure.
Riley: Seasons pass without me even noticing, I'll admit.
Cobb: Yes.
Bones: Sure.

25. If there was one person you would drop everything for in their time of need, who would it be?
Amber: I don't have anyone left.
Vi: *counts on fingers* Elliot, Riley, Cobb, and you too, Bones.
Elliot: Oh, be still my heart!
Vi: Shut it.
Elliot: Well I'd count the same in there and only add Lenny.
Vi: Lenny is a robot.
Elliot: He's a parrot.
Vi: .....A robot.
Riley: Yep, yep, all of the above. Even Lenny because he's a wonder of science and robotics.
Cobb: Um, well, I suppose everyone here.
Bones: No one chose just one.
Vi: Don't be bashful, Bones. Just say it. For once.
Bones: I don't need to. *crosses arms*
Vi: That's close enough.

Welp, thank you all for reading! A couple more posts and then I'll be off off and away. :-)



    Except I only used two characters, but stilll....

    1. YAY I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! :-D *high five*

    2. I KNOW!!!! I was so worried I'd be the only one...

  2. HAHAHAAHAH BONES MY BOAY. wooooo. they are hilarious. <3 <3 <3

    1. XDDDDDDDDD He's such a pill sometimes. But I love him.

  3. You should do this for Luthar and then send it to me XD


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